Random thought 2- September 27th 2017

One thing that annoys me is when a teacher puts up a sign on their door like “At library” or “Have X”. It always makes me want to put on a sticky note “Whats at the library” or “Have X when?”. It might be from my OCD, but really, would it hurt to have some clarity on what the different notes mean every once in a while?


Random Thought no. 1- September 26th 2017

One thing I do not get is how on social media one minute you have safety and reassurance on what you are doing, the next you can be involved in a flame war started by saying you like peanut butter more than almond butter. That always makes me curious on either A) how much free time people have or B) how much does someone want to pick a fight. That’s all for now really. Until next time

The Firemoon Gamer